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Seanix Seanote

Seanix Seanote 1613
Windows Millennium Edition
Pentium 166 MHz
3.9 GB hard drive

This laptop came installed with Windows 95 when I bought in May 1998. A few weeks later Seanix stopped making laptops, and therefore would no longer support the laptop that they just sold me (which was crashing about twice an hour), nor would they take it back. However, I must say it’s amazing what I’ve been able to accomplish with such a limited resource.

Motorola Startac

Motorola Startac ST7868w
built-in WAP microbrowser
Dual-band, Tri-mode
800 MHz & 1.9 GHz CDMA

One of the world’s smallest web-enabled phones. The size of the micro-browser is very small (15 characters by 3 lines), but the phone also has a built-in modem, which I can connect to my laptop with a cable, and have a wireless connection to the Internet using my laptop.

I’m in the process of making this web site “device independent”, so that it can be read from a microbrowser, such as this phone here.