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You may have noticed that one of my interests is anything and everything to do with computers. Why does this appeal to me?

Computer scientists spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Financial analysts also do the same thing. However, the only way to reliably predict the future is to invent it—and this is what many computer engineers are doing right now. Forward thinking programmers are developing theories and logic that will be the basis for the applications of tomorrow. I admit that not all programmers are like this, though. Most are just struggling to keep up with the fast pace of technology. But there are some developers who are asking themselves “where will technology be in three years from now?” and then move in that direction.

Picture yourself at a beach on a beautiful sunny day. The ocean is full of swimmers, being gently bopped up and down by the waves. But a little further out there is a small group of guys kneeling on their surfboards, waiting for—you guessed it—the next big wave. After some time passes, their waiting is over. Further out a wave is forming. The first surfer that sees the swell yells to the other surfers, and they all start paddling madly to try and catch the wave. As the wave passes by it picks up the surfers, and they grab their surf boards with their hands to steady themselves as they slowly stand up. When the height of the crest of the wake reaches 1/7 of it’s length, the swell breaks, and white water starts pouring over in the middle of the wave. The surfers are picking up speed, and having the time of their lives. Floating close to the beach, a swimmer is relaxing on his inflatable chair, thinking about interest rates. He looks out to sea, lifts up his sunglasses, and thinks ‘uh oh’.

Seconds later a wall of water several metres high crashes through. The man is thrown from his chair. High above the surfers are riding through, heading towards the beach. Below the water people are trying to get to the surface of the water for air. Panic is everywhere.

Technology is a wave that is coming. We need to watch the shoreline. Who can predict with accuracy what interest rates will be a week from now? A month from now? Staring at the sun will only make you see sunspots. If or when we do see the ‘wave’ approaching, we need to be moving in the same direction, so that we can ride the wave of technology instead of letting it crash over us.

Do you see where I fit in this picture? I’m the surfer who yells to the other surfers about the approaching wave. My aim is to help others keep on top of technology—primarily through this web site.

Surf’s up.