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Dave Chalk’s Computer Show

This has by far been my favourite program since it began in 1995. Hosted by Dave Chalk and Mike Agerbo, this half hour gives you a weekly view on all the new products to be released, and how they can be useful in making our everyday tasks easier. You can catch it on Saturday morning on most networks.

Microsoft’s .NET Show

on YTV.

The West Wing

Televisions top drama. The President of the United States (called ‘POTUS’ in email communications), his senior staff, and his family, are all factored in when it comes to ruling the most powerful democratic country in the world.


A TV series based on the French movie. The bad guys almost always win.


The Matrix

“What is the Matrix? It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth.” Do you ever feel like you are living in a dream world? Do you ever have the feeling that someday you are going to wake up, and everything will be over? Sometimes I feel like this is dreamland—I just can’t wake up. If you want to see someone who gets a chance to see the real world, watch this movie.

Star Wars

“Every Generation has a Legend, Every Journey has a First Step, Every Saga has a Beginning...” and so begins Episode 1 of Star Wars, a journey that began in 1977, when I was only six years old. Episode 2 has completed filming and is now in post-production, to be released in May 2002. Watch for a duel between Mase Windu and Darth Siduous in the end. The Lord Siduous doesn’t die until he is killed by Darth Vador in “Return of the Jedi”, so I suspect that the duel in Episode 2 ends with Mase Windu getting killed.


My all-time favourite movie. I can relate to the general concept of being part of a persecuted minority, fighting misconceptions and hatred. Of course, in real life there are no happy endings. I hope they come out with a sequel to this movie soon.

Outtake: watch for Stan Lee selling hot dogs on the beach.


Milo (Ryan Phillippe) is an idealistic young computer genius with an artist girlfriend (Claire Forlani) and a golden future. He’s about to launch a start-up company with his friend Teddy, when he’s recruited by NURV, a multi-billion dollar corporation, run by his professional hero, Gary Winston (Tim Robbins).

Winston takes a personal interest in Milo. He needs his brilliance to stay ahead of the field in the race for convergence. There is no second place. For Milo it’s a dream come true, a chance to become a legend in his own right. It’s hard to disappoint Teddy, but their offer is too good to refuse.

With a talented new colleague (Rachael Leigh Cook), Milo is soon caught up in the exciting challenge of realizing Winston’s vision. Winston is an inspired mentor and no problem remains unsolved for long, but new developments are brought to Milo with such speed and frequency, he begins to doubt their source.

Tragedy strikes and Milo’s doubts become suspicions. It looks as if the company will stop at nothing to win. He investigates and the consequences become more and more unnerving, until there is no one left to trust and this twenty-first century David stands alone against Goliath.

Pearl Harbor

In the run-up to the sixtieth anniversary; released on Memorial Day weekend 2001; director Jerry Bruckheimer.

World War II has taken the world by storm, and Europe is feeling its efforts. Back in the United States, however, peace and traquility prevail as the people refuse to get involved. On December 7, 1941, all this would change.

Rafe McCawley (Affleck) and Danny Walker (Hartnett) grew up together and learned to fly in the dangerous aviation practice of cropdusting. The two join the U.S. Army Air Corps where Rafe falls in love with a beautiful and courageous nurse, Evelyn Johnson (Beckinsale), before volunteering to fight alongside the English pilots in the Battle of Britain. He leaves behind Evelyn and Danny who are soon stationed together at Pearl Harbor. Taking advantage of the heavenly spot, new friendships and loves are formed, unaware of the overwhelming forces moving toward them which would shatter their world and alter history.

Kiss of the Dragon

Jet Lee.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

This didn’t come to Banff.

Spider Man

Coming summer 2002.