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The future of technology is changing so rapidly that it is sometimes hard to keep up. People that have tried to keep on top of everything that is on the cutting-edge of technology quickly find themselves suffering from ‘information overload’. But technology is only a tool, and we should try to focus on which tools we need to do the job.

Just because a certain technology is new, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be adopted. Do you know what happens when a child picks up a hammer? (Everything starts to look like a nail?) Sometimes when someone learns a new technology, they get caught up in the hype, which ends up being counter-productive. So, when a new technology is introduced, we need to ask ourselves, “how can this enhance our life?”

We offer insight into just how technology can enhance our day to day lives. Please explore the following sections:

  • Products—A look at the ‘tools of the trade’
  • Standards—Fighting for standards in our browsers
  • Tips—Suggestions are good... solutions are better
  • Viewpoint—The word from Shane Goodman on all things web-related
  • In the News—How technology is shaping our world
  • Newsletter—Shane Goodman’s tales of life as a developer
  • Guest Book—The cement is still wet